Higher Education in Publication Form



The CCCU Advance was a 10,000-circulation newsletter published in the fall and spring semester. It reached administration and faculty at member and affiliate institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. As media relations & publications manager, I was tasked to redesign the Advance as well as creating a suitable product for advertising. With art director Brandon Rush, I led a “re-imagination” of the publication. When we were done, the 24-page newsletter became a 44-page magazine. The CCCU Advance housed new editorial columns, longer feature stories by myriad freelancers and a new design template and advertisements.

NOTE: You can view the entire magazine via ISSUU by double-clicking on the links below.



BestSemester is the study-abroad arm of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. In 10 locations across the world, students from member and affiliate institutions have a chance to enhance their college experience in a new text and context. BestSemester Magazine was the driving marketing force for the programs. Along with the namesake website, the magazine was created to tell stories of each programs, beginning the process of guiding students from application to admission to going abroad.

As you can imagine, an overarching product like this magazine can cause branding and other editorial challenges in a communication strategy. How do you express a strong branding of BestSemester, while maintaining the existing vitality of each study abroad program? Thrown into the mix was a desire to move the magazine from a quasi-academic brochure feel to a traditional magazine, as well as generate advertising revenue.

Under my leadership, BestSemester was re-conceptualized and re-designed to create an evolved and enhanced publication. The publication process was truly international: freelance writers filed from all over the world and I worked hard to streamline the process to accommodate each program’s schedule while keeping to the set deadlines. Editorial content was re-cast. A new front-of-book section was created, while longer trend stories spoke to greater issues of studying abroad, while program pieces highlighted a unique attribute to each program. With the guidance and expertise of the Journey Group (who I highly recommend), the design structure was overhauled. The new design style helped maintain the individual stature of each program, while giving us the flexibility to tell larger stories and expand our editorial coverage that wasn’t possible before.

Re-imagined BestSemester magazine: https://issuu.com/cccu/docs/bestsemester_magazine_fall09



The American Studies Program was the first study abroad program established by the CCCU. More than 2000 students have come through ASP, many staying in the Greater D.C. area to work and create lives. With a new director, new curriculum and a new focus on global enterprise, the marketing needed to represent the changes. With colleague Brandon Rush, I led the creation of a brochure that represented a new ASP. Using the Metro map as our guide, we told the story of two Washington and how this program engages them both. The brochure folds out into a full-size poster for students.