Waiting for a Flicker

The Texas Theater was one of the first things I noticed as my Dad and I drove through San Angelo, Texas for the first time. It was January 2003. On a whim, I took a job as a copy editor at the San Angelo Standard-Times. No, I never visited West Texas before.

Eventually, I would get to know the Texas Theater and its many stories. Random strolls through the Standard-Times library became trips to the Texas, where I met Glen Carr, the caretaker of the old movie palace. More interviews and research followed and before I knew it, Melissa Perner and I were pitching a series idea to the editors. She and I wrote a host of articles, Arthur Spragg photographed the theater and its former employees and we were ready for publication.

Then, like the Texas, the series sat. And waited.

The special section eventually ran on Thanksgiving Day 2004, the 75th anniversary of the Texas Theater. I was long gone by that point and thanks to the work of Randy McCoach and Bob Tracy and others, this story saw the light of day.

When I left San Angelo, I told Glen I would return to see the re-opening of the Texas Theater. I still look forward to that day.

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    Texas Theater 1
    Waiting for a Flicker. Design by Bob Tracy. Photos by Arthur Spragg.
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    Texas Theater 2
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    Texas Theater 3
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    Texas Theater 4