How we met

It was a dark and stormy night….

(From Mike: It would be really funny if it was dark and stormy because that would just be awesome from a literary standpoint.)

Mike: It was a nice autumn Friday night at the end of September in 2014. I forget why but I had that night off. My friend Amelia was throwing an Oktoberfest party in Dupont Circle. I distinctly remember being on that bus, running so ridiculously late, wondering if I should go. Eh, I already made it this far….

Megan: I was having dinner with coworkers.

(From Mike: I’ll take this opportunity to highlight what I call a “beautiful difference” in our relationship. I love to use my words in the written manner. Megan loves to use her words in a verbal manner.)

Mike: I made it, waltzed up Bier Haus and found the group. I ordered a liter (or two) of beer and some pretzels. (Usually, I don’t mention what I’m drinking but this detail will come into play).

Megan: I was still having dinner with coworkers.

Mike: (I was going to extrapolate on what happened at the Bier Haus and the sense of existential beauty in the air but Megan is giving me the look, so let’s keep moving…). Most of us were hungry at this point and somebody said that St. Arnold’s had great chicken and brussel sprouts. I was tipsy, thus, I was game.

Megan: What look?! (gives the look)

Mike: The look of love, that’s what!

Megan: Anyhow…my coworkers had already headed to the Metro and I was a few blocks from home when my friend Cheryl texted to say she was at St. Arnold’s…come join! I veered back in the direction I’d just come, caught my coworkers before they made it to Metro, and we headed down to meet Cheryl for a beer.

Mike: We got to St. Arnold’s and ordered. I got a liter of water because well, it needed to balance my handiwork at the bar. As we ordered and waited, Cheryl’s friends came to our table and sat down near me.

Megan: I wondered why the guy across from me was drinking a liter of water at a pub known for great beer, shrugged it off, and proceeded to order a liter of beer and a waffle with nutella.

Mike: I kept looking over at the cute girl sitting across from me and trying to engage her a bit. However, she was busy taking photos with nutella on her teeth. So, yeah…

Megan: I think it’s safe to say that meeting my future husband was about the farthest thing from my mind that night. (Also, I could really go for some nutella right now.)

Mike: (Honestly, I don’t understand the appeal of nutella. I mean, if you want hazelnut, just eat a hazelnut. It’s good and good for you. Lots of fiber.) Meeting my future wife was pretty far from my mind as this point, too. I just needed to chug as much water as I could.

We finished the meal and headed out. Figuring out what direction we were going, Megan asked who was going north and as the sky is blue and coffee is perfect, she looked RIGHT AT ME as she said it.

Megan: As we all parted ways it turned out that everyone was taking Metro home, except for me and Mike who were both walking North. When he realized this, he casually asked if I would mind if he walked with me. “Sure,” I said, hoping this wouldn’t be awkward.

Mike: We started on the typical D.C. pleasantries: Who do you know and where do you work? These conversations can be really awkward but there was a sense of ease in talking with her. I like to think it was because of the existential beauty in the air.

Megan: (throws Mike a look.) Anyhow…it turned out not to be awkward at all, and in fact, we discovered many things we have in common – a love of running, travel interests, religious affiliations/backgrounds, etc. I was intrigued. Who was this guy?? When we reached the corner of Connecticut and California, where our paths split to the left and right, we paused to chat a bit longer.

Mike: Who was this girl?? I thought as we finally parted. I kept thinking about her as I realized that I never got her number. Whoops! I kept going home but I knew that I needed to get her number NOW.

Megan: I had started to walk away but then heard Mike call my name – as he risked life and limb, dodging traffic in the busy street, running after me… (okay, he calmly walked back, but he did call my name) – so I turned back and met him again on the corner. He seemed to stumble a bit over what to say, so I said, “Why don’t I just give you my number?”

Mike: I had it all worked out in my head. Unfortunately, the memo never got to my mouth. But luckily, Megan saved the moment. We parted a second time and within seconds, I texted her.

Megan: It was more like 10 minutes, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him so soon. We texted for a while, finding more and more things in common. Eventually we said goodnight, and I went to sleep thinking, “Hmm…that was interesting. I hope I hear from him again.”

Mike: I went to bed thinking, “those brussel sprouts were quite something!” And they were – because of them, I met my future wife.

We texted a few more times, then I called her to ask her out. We went out the next Saturday and when we walked back to that same corner, I awkwardly kissed her good night. Then, about 14 months later on New Year’s Eve, I proposed to Megan on that same corner. There was no awkwardness this time.


Engagement Photos (Facebook album)

With thanks to Aida Cook Photography