FourStory (RIP)

Bar Art

(untitled) Marfa Project. Dan Flavin, Marfa, TX

Don’t ever, ever, frequent a coffee house that serves Top Ramen. Also, be wary if the cashier can’t break a $20.

That pearl of wisdom came from my first article for FourStory, a L.A.-based webzine dedicated to issues of sustainability, urbanism and a host of other issues and concerns. I was and am grateful the good folks at FourStory published some of my snarky thoughts. Unfortunately, FourStory shut down way back in 2012. Here are some of the other articles I published for them.

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Dying Industry Converted to High-Rise (The Newseum Residencies)

Showing Metro’s True Colors (The D.C. Metro system, which about a decade after this story was written, is in far worse shape)

True Art in NoMa’s Land (D.C. Artomatic)

How to Gain and Lose a House in 10 Months (My misadventure into homeowning during the Housing Boom of 2006)